Spotlight: Leye Thompson- CEO, LT Collections

Posted by siteman on 04 January, 2018

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Today's spotlight is on a good friend of mine Thompson Noah Olaleye.

Leye Thompson
Thompson Noah Olaleye, Owner of LT Collections

Thompson as I like to call him is the Owner of LT Collections, a handmade fashion accessories brand in Nigeria. He is a graduate of Mass Communication from Crescent University, Abeokuta. LT Collections makes handmade leather sandals and belts for both male and female with plans to expand into leather wallets, bag and shoes.

Here is Leye's story(in his own transcript).

How it started/motivation:

To be honest boredom. The story behind how I started may sound funny. "I had no real job. Still had 'bout Two Hundred Thousand(#200,000) in my account from the last contract job I had and I was not really searching for another job, I wanted to do something different. I had no clue what but I just wanted to put my time into what I enjoyed doing. I was drinking daily (I never do anything productive with my free time).  I had been thinking of the hand work I could learn but I never liked any. It was while drinking I just thought, Leye why not learn shoe making startout and see where it goes from there.  And here am today a year plus. 

Struggles in business:

No real struggles I can mention. Not that it ain't hard owning your own business but that's the beauty of it all, standing tall against all odds, init?

What is your philosophy: 

Don't have any. I just try to do what makes me happy. 

Advice to would-be or upcoming entrepreneurs:

Starting your own business is not fun nor glamorous. You will be broke 99% of the time, you will doubt yourself all the time. But stick with it. Most importantly, put yourself on a salary.

You can contact Leye Thompson via the channels below:  
Instagram: lt_collectionsofficial
Facebook: LT Collections 
Call/SMS/Whatsapp: 07069774087 

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